A-5 Brakes

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In our program each student gets hands on training. There is one wheel per student on the cars and they rotate from spot to spot. At other schools one student might work while 10 watch. During Brakes classes at South Florida Technical Training each student is required at minimum to RR 3 types of full float caliper brake system, 1 set of drum brakes wheel cylinders, bleed a brake system and RR 1 fixed caliper brake system.

Course description

In this course students will learn operating principles of mechanical and hydraulic brakes. Upon completion of Electrical 1 and 2 Brakes and Suspension training will be complete.

Key Learning Objectives

1.  Measure and diagnose brake pad wear.
2.  Measure and diagnose rotor problems.
3.  Diagnose hydraulic problems.
4.  Be able to test and diagnose ABS wheel speed sensors and understand their operation.
5.  Be able to test the condition of brake fluid and perform brake service.

 Working in Automotive Service and Repair. (ASR) 120 hrs class

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