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Course Description – Basic Electrical

In this course students will learn the basic principles of electricity. They will learn shorts, opens and other faults, they will learn how to diagnose faults and problems.  They will learn to use a multimeter, test light and other electrical equipment.

Key Learning Objectives

1.  Learn Ohm’s Law and how to apply it in the field.
2.  Demonstrate understanding of Kirchhoff’s Law and be able to perform voltage drops.
3.  Learn to read and understand basic wiring diagrams.
4.  Learn to test and diagnose batteries.
5.  Learn to test and diagnose starters

Basic Electrical 60 hrs class

Course description – Electrical 2

In this course students will learn how the electrical system operates, they will learn to inspect, diagnose and repair electrical systems, they will learn to read wiring diagrams and learn the fundamentals of air conditioning.

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