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Here at SFTEC we have the gear to turbocharge your career in the automotive field ,we offer the ultimate automotive sleeper program. At first glance it looks like an economy package but once you’re in the drivers seat you realize that you’re behind the wheel of a real supercharged education. Here we have the resources to put you ahead of the pack. We are accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE) and our students train to be ASE certified technicians.

The program is just under 6 months fully loaded and packed with all the automotive information and hands on training of a 2 year program. No chrome caps no fuzzy dice, just the tools and equipment needed to lead the way.

Our students work for Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and Chrysler just to name a few.

Our program is a one of a kind automotive program. Our classroom is super comfortable and has limited distractions. The program is designed for students who need hands-on and visual presentations. Students who need true small classes. A variety of teaching methods will be used including power points, videos, lecture, hands-on projects, classroom exercises, puzzles, learning games, competitions, demonstrations, discussion, simulations and writing assignments.  We are very patient with all students.

The school is one of only a few proud to be accredited by ASE. All the courses are written to meet or exceed NATEF standards and they were written by a 25+ year in the automotive field Quadruple  Master Certified instructor .  The courses are effective and engaging. The lab materials and books are top quality and meet NATEF standards. The course is short but intense. I created this program as a result of my time working as an instructor at one of the largest automotive programs in the country.  When I was there I was frustrated by the inflexible policies, contradictory rules and petty politics of the school that forced me to keep my students busy without learning. The lesson plans were incomplete and disorganized, they had been bought from a company which had been just modifying the same plans for decades.  After experiencing that environment I decided to focus on the essentials for South Florida Technical Training: varied, up to date materials, tools in good repair, vehicles in working order and small classes.

There are two basic goals at South Florida Technical Training. #1 For students to develop a deep understanding of automotive systems, especially electrical. This is because the Technicians who are in the most demand and make the most money are the ones who can diagnose systems properly.  #2 is ASE preparation. The reason is in Miami Dade mechanics are required by law to have certification. Additionally the best automotive jobs require ASE certification. The goal here is not to be a lube tech or tire changer but a master technician.

Another benefit of the automotive program at South Florida Technical Training is the skills can be applied to tons of other jobs and household projects. The electrical skills learned here will help students in almost any trade or field today.


Professionally ASE Certified and able to train the following areas:

Automotive: A-1 Engine Repair, A-2 Automatic Transmissions, A-3 Manual Drive Train, A-4 Suspension and Steering, A-5 Brakes, A-6 Electrical, A-7 Heat and Air Conditioning, A-8 Engine Performance, A-9 Light Vehicle Diesel

Medium/Heavy Duty Truck: T-1 Gasoline Engines, T-2 Diesel Engines, T-3 Drive Train, T-4 Brakes, T-5 Suspension and Steering, T-6 Electrical/Electrical Systems, T-7 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, T-8 Preventative Maintenance

Advanced Level: L-1 Advanced Engine Performance, L-2 Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis L-3 Light vehicle hybrid and electric advanced level specialist.

Miscellaneous: C-1 Service Consultant, B-5 Mechanical and Electrical Components, G-1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair, X-1 Exhaust Systems

 Transit Bus: H-2 Diesel Engines, H-3 Drive Train, H-4 Brakes H-5 Suspension & Steering, H-6 Electronic / Electrical systems H7 Heating, ventilation systems, H8 Preventative maintenance and inspection

School Bus:S-1 Body systems and special equipment  S-2 Diesel Engines, S-3 Drive Train S-4 Brakes S-5.Suspension & Steering S-6 electrical/electronic systems


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