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Our Mission

To all our students:

Our mission is to provide the best training at a affordable price and our objective is to produce a high percentage of students who obtain ASE certification and who demonstrate excellence while working in the automotive field.

We are going to achieve this by giving students the personal service that only a small school can provide, coupled with a quiet, calm atmosphere conducive to learning. We promise that classes will be small, 12 students or less, in order to provide our students with the resources that they need. We want all our graduates to be the best technicians in the field.

The true test of a school is not getting students into entry level jobs, but how fast the students climb up the ladder  from that position in order to become full service technicians. To make this happen we promise to provide students working engines and transmissions to practice on, disassemble and reassemble with new seals and sealer. We promise to give each and every student the best opportunity possible and tutoring will be available to full time students if needed.

The bottom line is that we want you to succeed in the automotive field: your success is our success.  We also understand that learning is a ongoing experience, so even after you have completed the program you are still welcome to come back to utilize our resources or, space permitting, to take a refresher class.


To professionals:

Our goal is to provide exciting and engaging well prepared, small classes that you or your employees will enjoy as well as benefit from. After working as an instructor for several years I was amazed with the disorganization in the larger college environment: large classes, lack of materials and the ill equpped shops. One thing that has amazed me is how dragged out classes can be.  I have condensed materials for into 16 hour blocks. These classes are for experienced technicians.

To employers:

Our classes are designed improve the productivity of technicians. If you have an employee who shows up to work and works hard, but you need someone with improved skills, you should invest in what you have. You will be happy with the results.

To technicians:

Do you feel you are lacking in certain aspects of the field? Are you losing time trying to understand wiring or diagnostics in specific areas?  I know the feeling – I was a technician for over 25 years. I know you don’t want to waste your time or investment. Our classes offer a unique learning environment. There are different classes for all levels of technician from A tech – C tech or even for entry level. If you want to improve your ASE test taking skills look no further.


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