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Brian LaCroix

Brian LaCroix started his automotive career in 1992 installing Mobil phones and electronics.  He has always has a passion for cars and for helping others. He got his Diploma in 1996 and a  Degree in Automotive Technology from Denver automotive and diesel college in 2000. He currently holds 37 ASE certifications and started teaching in 2010

He is currently professionally ASE Certified and able to train the following areas:

Automotive: A-1 Engine Repair, A-2 Automatic Transmissions, A-3 Manual Drive Train, A-4 Suspension and Steering, A-5 Brakes, A-6 Electrical, A-7 Heat and Air Conditioning, A-8 Engine Performance, A-9 Light Vehicle Diesel

Medium/Heavy Duty Truck: T-1 Gasoline Engines, T-2 Diesel Engines, T-3 Drive Train, T-4 Brakes, T-5 Suspension and Steering, T-6 Electrical/Electrical Systems, T-7 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, T-8 Preventative Maintenance

Advanced Level: L-1 Advanced Engine Performance, L-2 Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis L-3 Light vehicle hybrid and electric advanced level specialist.

Miscellaneous: C-1 Service Consultant, B-5 Mechanical and Electrical Components, G-1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair, X-1 Exhaust Systems

 Transit Bus: H-2 Diesel Engines, H-3 Drive Train, H-4 Brakes H-5 Suspension & Steering, H-6 Electronic / Electrical systems H7 Heating, ventilation systems, H8 Preventative maintenance and inspection

School Bus:S-1 Body systems and special equipment  S-2 Diesel Engines, S-3 Drive Train S-4 Brakes S-5.Suspension & Steering S-6 electrical/electronic systems

You can contact him at Brian@SFTEC.ORG



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