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A-1 Engine Repair 1

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For the car guys who want become a ASE Technician or ASE Master Technician, we work on live high performance engines. So you understand how to pass your ASE certification examinations.

Course Description

In this course students will learn the basic operating principles of the engine. They will learn the procedures for diagnosing engine problems, the underlying causes of engine problems and the methods for repairing them. The class will disassemble a complete running 355 CI, 7.3L diesel or similar engine. The engine will be fully disassembled and inspected, the gaskets and seals will be replaced, the engine will be fully assembled according to ASE guide lines and the engine will be run and tested. Students will learn to follow manufacturers’ procedures and ASE guidelines. They will learn to take ASE style testing. They will learn to practice safe procedures and to abide by state and federal laws.  60 class hours, up to 24.2 homework hours.
Key Learning Objectives

1.  Identify key engine components and be able to describe their operation.  Explain how these parts would affect a vacuum gauge and other testing instruments.
2.  Demonstrate knowledge of the 4 stroke cycle on the engine and be able to apply this knowledge to leakdown and compression tests.
3.  Clean, inspect and torque cylinder head bolts.
4.  Inspect and replace a timing chain.
5.  Inspect bearings and use plastigauge to check oil clearances.
6.  Time and install a distributor.


60 Hour Engine Repair class

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