Mercedes C280 with 145,000 miles had worn timing chain and guides. Rattled at Idle

mercedes engine before _2989

James and Sesar pulled the engine out.

engine pull mercedes _2935


They tore the engine down and started to clean and inspect.

mercedes parts _2959

Took everything apart and cleaned it.

mercedes engine heads off upside down _2961

After cleaning in a mild acid most of the parts looked like new

mercedes engine heads off flipped _2963

There was a special tool to hold the chain while you worked. And then there was our tool.

mercedes engine valve covers off timing chain align_2970

Starting to look good.

mercedes engine valve covers off_2972

Sesar Tightening all of the alternator bolts

mercedes engine on stand _2992

A little color to brighten things up

mercedes engine on stand _2995

Engine going back in.

mercedes engine _2997 crop sesar engine stand

Looking good

mercedes engine _3003

The day they finished the job the car was driven from Miami to Connecticut a week later it drove back. 3500 mile test drive. The car currently has 205,000 miles, good job guys. Sesar and James both have great jobs working in the automotive field.