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On line


For those who do not have the  ability to take our hands on classes we offer On-line training.

Access to 1 module $120.00  or all 13 for $399.00 for 1 year

Available in over 35 languages on line

The access to our line has-

Customers in over 55 countries

Over 300,000 users

Over 30,000 instructors & teachers

Over 1,000 lessons and quizzes

Includes an engine management simulator

Optional Electric Drive curriculum

99.9% uptime

The-  SFTEC site provides your complete access to:

Over 1,200 simulation-based eLearning resources for all 8 NATEF areas
A new Engine Management Simulator
Light Diesel (Heavy Vehicle is in production)
New Read/Write Task Sheets for MLR, AST and MAST
Voice-over accessibility
Available in over 30 Languages



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