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67 GT500 Eleanor

Eleanor has come to us several times for repair



This time she came in for no brakes, no start and running issues

mustang fender covers _4053

Luke dove right into the master cylinder to fix the problem.

mustang luke master cylinder replacement _4115


Luke was very careful not to spill any brake fluid on the paint. Brake fluid is not only hydroscopic but also eats away paint.

mustang master cylinder fluid catch _4114


Here is what is going to fix it. Its the piston cup seals. They were bypassing causing the pedal to slowly sink to the floor.

master mustang cylinder kit_4106

He pumped all the fluid out of the Wilwood master before he removed it to rebuild it

mustang Master cylinder_4116


new parts in master back together time to bleed the brakes starting with the one farthest from the master cylinder

brake line master _4111

Then we removed the hidden battery’s and charged them. The charger wont charge a dead battery so we charged a good battery and hooked the others parallel.

mustang batterys charging _4055

Bleeding brakes from the left rear to the right rear

mustang IMG_4470



Then we bleed the right front


mustang IMG_4467

Then we bled the left front

mustang IMG_4468

Then she got a full inspection

mustang IMG_4466

And a test drive

mustang steering wheel_4341

Still looking her over

mustang _4044

Here she is with the car we installed the blow off on

GTR vs Mustang_4087



All cleaned up and together now time to take her to the car show



mustang _4049


We brought her out with the grand national

IMG_5659 car show

She was clean and shiny and ready for the show

IMG_5673 car show

We did not come home empty handed she won the show.

me with mustang trophy


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