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Cavalier Project 3.8 supercharged $2000 car build

DSC_0020 cavalier before

Stock 2.4L 4cyl 96 horse power

DSC_0021 cavalier before

Engine out

20160418_212308 cavalier no engine

Installing 3.8 liter V6 225 hp

1 pro DSC_0559 remove intake cavalier


DSC_0378 cavalier

Pulling some parts off. You can see the Buick the engine came from that was donated to the school.

web DSC_0508 cavalier

3.8 installed and body primed white

1 DSC_0518 cavalier 3.8 na

Removing intake

1 DSC_0588 class cavalier

When we went to bolt the supercharger on we discovered why everything said we needed to replace the heads. There were no holes in the heads for the injectors. The (N/A) natural aspirated engine had holes in the intake. The supercharged engine had them in the heads. We had to go to the junk yard and get heads.

cavalier DSC_0646

Now where do we install the injectors :0

1 missing injector holes DSC_0600 cavalier

Got to keep everything clean good job John

cavalier DSC_0648

Trying different options

1 DSC_0566

Torquing bolts

cavalier DSC_0661

Super charger time 🙂 + 100 hp

web re size 1 blower DSC_0534 cavalier

Installing blower / supercharger looks like there are injector holes now 🙂

web re size 1 blower install DSC_0598 cavalier luis install

Bought some aftermarket bolt on’s

SAM_2391 cav

Installing headers

SAM_2383 cav class

Bolt on header kit, Plus wire protector, 2.4 pulley+ 15psi boost , wires, plugs +50hp

SAM_2345 cav project

Pulley upgrade, small pulley = big boostSAM_2361 cav pulleys

Northstar throttle body upgrade

SAM_2413 cav throttle body vs 3.8

Northstar mass air flow

SAM_2414 cav mass air vs stock

80 pound injectors at 43psi 860cc  “note we run 65psi” = 1200cc


Installing boots


Had to remove engine parts to install headers

SAM_2404 cav headders no VC

Heat shields to protect everything

SAM_2415 cav heat sheild

Installing throttle body

SAM_2411 headders on cav

Installing header

SAM_2392 cav

Methane time 🙂



SAM_2381 cav

Almost Done

cavilar crop


Installing some new shoes


New shoes (Big fat racing tires)


Sticker added



Off to the track


Our best time at the track so far was 8.44 but the speeds were really slow. At the end of the track it was not shifting into 3rd. It was running the rev limiter a lot. We brought into class to do a shift kit.


We had to remove the side cover to remove the valve body

The frame and everything came out

Here is the valve body with new gasket we ground some valves replaced springs plugged some holes and drilled bigger holes in the plate. We even had to drill the case.


When removing the Accumulator’s we found broken springs. we are installing new pistons and seals as well.



We dug a little deeper after that



We also took a look inside the transmission and we found 2nd gear clutch pack fried


Pretty much any forward clutch was fried.

We gutted the entire unit


Rebuild kit arrived time to install some parts


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