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Corvette Clutch

A corvette came in for a clutch and some performance headers

corvett in shop 20160721_161230

We pulled the stock exhaust off and went to work

corvett in shop DSC_2276 class

Installed Headers


DSC_2288 corvette

Got the headers installed on both sides now time for some real fun.

corvett class ls DSC_2287 corvette class shop

Pulling the entire rear of the car and the transaxle.

corvett transmission DSC_2257 corvette class lab shop

(A transaxle is a transmission with a built in differential)

DSC_2179 corvette transaxle

Might as well replace the rear main while we are in there

DSC_2183 corvette

New stage 3 clutch installed

corvette DSC_2253

And the transaxle is back in

DSC_2157 corvette trans


Car is back together


DSC_2148 corvette

Time for a test drive

DSC_2147 corvette


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