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SRT4 engine build it came in low compression on two cylinders

20160209_134504 neon srt4

We pulled the engine out

neon 20160203_234226

Got to have a little fun while you work

neon 20160309_193455 class student

Oh boy file to fit rings

ring grinder neon 20160203_234254


Rey and Jose worked late each night to finish this project


neon 20160203_220039


Here are the APR head studs installed to make sure they fit.

neon 20160208_222817

Here there torquing the rod bolts

neon 20160203_233444

They have the head back on and the timing belt as well lots of race parts

neon engine 20160218_214505

Engine back in and ready for the track.

neon 20160405_134442


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