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Street Racing Made safe Focus

Street Racing Made Safe came to us with low compression and oil loss

focus on lift _5025 plate blur

Here she is ready for some new slugs (pistons)

focus on lift hood open _5024


Engine out and the guys are checking it out.


IMG_6412 focus

Here is Sesar getting ready o tear her down.

IMG_5090 focus

All apart and ready for some assembly

IMG_5169 focus

Just look how bad the pistons were. defiantly a bad tune here. Serious detonation damage for sure.

broken piston detonation _5131 focus

Just look how the lower ring lands just shattered.

broken piston _5158 focus

The new pistons are in now to find #1 DTC (top dead center)

focus IMG_5241

Then to install a bolt to hold the engine at TDC

align cam crank focus _5233

Then to install the head with the special cam holding tool in place

focus IMG_5246


Then you install the timing cover and torque the bolts to crush the diamond thrust washer.

focus IMG_5251

 Every thing was good so we installed her

focus engine _5023


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