A-4 Steering and Suspension

A-4 Steering and Suspension

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In our program each student gets hands-on training. There is one wheel per student. At other schools one student might work while 10 watch. During Suspension & Steering at South Florida Technical Training each student is required to RR 1 strut, 3 types of wheel bearings, coil springs, shocks and more. Its quite a simple technique we have enough tools and equipment for everyone.

Course Description

In this course students will learn basic operating principles of a vehicle. Students will learn operating principles of mechanical and hydraulic brakes, mechanical and power steering systems and other components, the students will learn safety procedures and learn how to follow state and federal guide lines, students will learn how to safely lift and work on a vehicle’s basic systems. Its a over view of the entire mechanical operating system. As well as brakes and steering suspension class. Upon completion of electrical 1 and 2 Brakes and suspension training will be complete. This will prepare students to take there ASE certification Examination.

Key Learning Objectives

1.  Be able to diagnose tire wear problems.
2.  Be able to inspect front ends for wear and related issues.
3.  Be able to diagnose pull related concerns.
4.  Be able to diagnose, inspect and replace shock absorbers and struts.
5.  Be able to adjust and align steering systems.
Working in Automotive Service and Repair. (ASR) 120 hrs class


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20170523_184021 lift class lab

Installing a lift kit on a students jeep.

DSC_5036 class

Installing a lift on a F250

Lifted truck DSC_4988

2016 build jeep